2015 Baseball Forecast

We are less than 48 hours away from Jon Lester’s first pitch to Matt Carpenter, so no better time than now to dole out our predictions for this coming season. As you will see, we have some agreements and disagreements. Zact’s World Series pick of the Marlins has, we can assure you, remained the same since long before Grantland made it cool. Will and I are taking the safe route by picking the Cardinals. Until the Cardinals Way is proven to be beatable, they are always the smart money. The AL is far more difficult to foresee and is basically a crap shoot, so we each threw some darts and landed on a different pennant winner. After the A’s failure last year, I think this is their year, while Will thinks the Royals are going to make a second straight trip. Zact’s going out on a limb with the ChiSox, but hey you never know…

As for the blog itself, we will continue to find our format and see what works. We’ve gained a few consistent followers which is nice. Hopefully the content only gets better and the visitors grow with it. The Scott PodsedCast will take on topics from around the league each week. We will also dig into some more baseball history. First with the Total Base Value and Next Base Value leaders from every era, then compelling writeups on players who may not have gotten the acclaim, but contributed under the radar. For instance, did you know Dom DiMaggio led the league in both TBv and NBv in 1950 yet his brother Joe never led in either?

Please continue to visit and offer feedback. We look forward to an awesome first season of baseball analysis.

Without further ado:

Zac Zact Will
MVP AL: Mike Trout AL: Jose Abreu AL: Jose Abreu
NL: Anthony Rendon NL: Giancarlo Stanton NL: Andrew McCutchen
CY YOUNG AL: Chris Sale AL: Felix Hernandez AL: Felix Hernandez
NL: Jordan Zimmerman NL: Stephen Strasburg NL: Jordan Zimmerman
BREAKOUT PLAYER AL: Carlos Carrasco AL: Taijuan Walker AL: Danny Santana
NL: AJ Pollock NL: Corey Dickerson NL: AJ Pollock
DISAPPOINTMENT AL: Corey Kluber AL: Pablo Sandoval AL: Pablo Sandoval
NL: Yasiel Puig NL: Yasmany Tomas NL: Madison Bumgarner
COMEBACK PLAYER AL: Alex Rios AL: Kris Medlen AL: Kendrys Morales
NL: Brandon Beachy NL: Matt Harvey NL: Joey Votto
ROOKIE OF THE YEAR AL: Dalton Pompey AL: Daniel Norris AL: Micah Johnson
NL: Kris Bryant NL: Kris Bryant NL: Jorge Soler
BEST RELIEVER AL: Cody Allen AL: Greg Holland AL: Greg Holland
NL: Ken Giles NL: Craig Kimbrel NL: Craig Kimbrel
WILD CARD GAME AL: A’s over Tigers AL: White Sox over Red Sox AL: White Sox over Mariners
NL: Pirates over Padres NL: Marlins over Pirates NL: Marlins over Pirates
DIVISION SERIES AL: Royals over Mariners AL: White Sox over Blue Jays AL: White Sox over A’s
A’s over Jays Mariners over Tigers Royals over Jays
NL: Cards over Dodgers NL: Nationals over Dodgers NL: Marlins over Nationals
Nationals over Pirates    Marlins over Cardinals Cards over Dodgers
CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES AL: A’s over Royals AL: White Sox over Mariners AL: Royals over White Sox
NL: Cards over Nationals NL: Marlins over Nationals NL: Cards over Marlins
WORLD SERIES Cards over A’s Marlins over White Sox Cards over Royals

Featured Image:  Via Korked Bats

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