All Time NBv Leaders (post-1900)

Next Base Value (NBv) is a baserunning stat that measures how many bases a player is worth after getting to first. Unlike similar stats, NBv is both a team stat and one that attempts to quantify a runner’s ability to advance without discriminating how that advancement happens. Using a value system between 0 and 3 (the amount of bases a player can obtain after first), the resulting number roughly equals how many bases a player gets per time on. All time leader, Otis Nixon posted a weak career OBP of .343 (at least by leadoff hitter standards), however, his Next Base Value proves he was dangerous when he did get on, obtaining another base and a half each time. For more information on exactly how you can arrive at a player’s NBv, see our explanation of the formula here.

Note: As a result of major changes in the way baseball was played beginning around the turn of the century (read: less running, more hitting), it makes sense to separate post- and pre-1900 batters. The following list only includes hitters who played most of their career after 1900. A list of pre-1900s hitters will be up shortly.

*Minimum 3000 Career Plate Appearances


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