The last decade of the dead ball era continued to be dominated by small ball contact hitters with speed. Ty Cobb leads in all by three seasons. Just as the preceding decade announced Cobb as the changing of the guard, so to did the 1910s, as Babe Ruth appears on the leaderboard for the first time in 1919. It will not be his last time there. (Click each year for full leaderboards.)

1910Ty Cobb, 1.093

1911 – Ty Cobb, 1.260

1912 – Ty Cobb & Tris Speaker, 1.141

1913Eddie Collins, 1.083

1914Benny Kauff, 1.088

1915 – Ty Cobb, 1.234

1916 – Ty Cobb, 1.082

1917 – Ty Cobb, .996

1918 – Ty Cobb, 1.030

1919Babe Ruth, 1.037

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