The Scott PodsedCast – Episode 6

Let me say right off the bat that the audio on this episode sucks. We were attacked by a cacophony of computer fan noises and despite our best efforts they could be contained, but never defeated. We may meet again and the outcome will be different. For now, the sound is a little crunchy all over. Our sincerest apologies.

However, if you can grin and bear it (which we really hope you can), I assure you we have some pretty good stuff on the docket. Like what we are most looking forward to in April. Maybe a little Phillies magic? Maybe Kris Bryant LeBroning? Or maybe just $12 Bud Lights… Taking the lead from Zac T’s post about breakout players, Will and Zac P also offer the guys they think are most likely to start showing up on the national radar. Or at least those who will be higher on fantasy draft boards next year. We finish up by talking about the AL West. A divisions that’s as broken as any in the sorry American League. The Mariners are the favorites obviously because… ? Anyone?

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01:58 – Baseball’s almost here and all we can hope for is a shocking Phillies winning streak. Please, Lord, Pwease… make us less nerdy.

06:07 – Breakout player predictions for 2015. Or more about how Zac T thinks Stephen Strasburg just hasn’t reached his potential as the best pitcher to ever exist yet.

26:52 – Division Outlook. The American League West. It’s Trout’s world and we non-fat necks just inhabit it.

Featured Image: Via Fox Sports

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