The Scott PodsedCast – Episode 4

This week’s edition of The Scott PodsedCast comes to you partially from the Cactus League out in Arizona, where Will and Zac are watching most of the teams while yours truly sits in the cold of New York City. Today the guys report in on the Seattle Mariners and the Diamondbacks. They’ve got some good news for Mariners fans: Jesus Montero seems nowhere to be found, and some bad news for D-back faithful regarding their new Cuban import.

We will also go over the American League Central, a division filled with some of the most oddly constructed teams in the league, including a World Series runner-up who is now predicted to finish dead last with virtually the same players. We finish today’s episode with our very first movie review. As promised it’s the Korean-3D-Gorilla-Slavery-International Scouting-Baseball movie, Mr. Go. It’s a doozy, folks.

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01:20 – Will and Zac try not to let Arizona get to their heads as they talk about the pretty sun and gorgeous baseball of Cactus League spring.

05:40 – Yasmany Tomas got paid like he might be the next big thing out of Cuba, but after one spring afternoon we have our doubts.

12:51 – Apparently another Guerrero lives in the Mariners system and he’s as fun to watch as Uncle Vlad.

18:09 – Division Outlook: The American League Central. The Tigers are running on fumes, is it finally time they break down? Are the Indians expecting too much from last year’s surprises? The Royals made the Series, so why does everyone think they stink? The Twins are the team you forgot exists… but could that change very soon? The ChiSox made big splashes this offseason, but where’s the depth, boi?!

40:04 – Finally, the part you’ve all been waiting for. More rambling about Mr. Go or, more appropriately, how we learned to spend 20 minutes legitimately praising a 3D movie about gorillas playing baseball.

Featured Image: Via Rant Sports

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