The Scott PodsedCast – Episode 3

Here is the third installment of the now “world famous” Scott PodsedCast wherein Zac P pigheadedly attempts to convince Zac T that Geoff Jenkins (an Olympia, WA native) is from Australia, Will explains why players are being punished for Major League Baseball’s pace of play “problems,” and then we get interrupted by a dog who may or may not actually be a disgruntled Rockies loyalist. We also go through our third division preview by discussing the unpredictable, but always watchable, National League West. Enjoy.

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00:08 – Intro or: How I talk really, really fast about the things we will soon talk really, really slowly about.

00:44 – Will and Zac debate MLB’s new pace of play rules or: How Zac admitted he doesn’t mind sacrificing human ballplayers.

16:57 – Division Outlook: The National League West. The Dodgers are the favorites until they combust or at least until Kershaw reveals himself as the bust he truly is.

20:34 – Enter the dog. His name is Graham and, yes, he hates Troy Tulowitzki.

Next week, maybe if you are all so lucky, we’ll watch this and review it…


Featured Image: Via SB Nation

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