The Scott PodsedCast – Episode 2

Hello again, this is your trusty Scott PodsedCast, where we have once again been voted the best at Scott PodsedCasting. On this edition, we begin with James Shields and what his late signing means (if anything) for the San Diego Padres’ chances this coming season. The Friars have made a number of seemingly bold moves, so why does it still seem like they are flying blind? We’ll discuss. After that, we move on to our second division preview. This time it’s the American League East. The East hasn’t entirely lost the mystique that they are the big, bad, rich teams who can always compete. Even going into a season where all five clubs look as shaky as ever, that description might be apt. We round out the episode by talking about the best leadoff hitters in the game today… But not before Will Templin officially expresses his love for his favorite leadoff hitter of all time.

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00:07 – Introduction under our Scott Joplin theme song. Maybe you recognized it last time. If not, see more great movies.

00:59 – James Shields signed… so what? : We question if the Padres know what they are doing and whether James Shields’ long-awaited signing will matter.

12:08 –  Division Talk: The Yankees are down but not out. The Jays are up but not in. The Sox are flawed favorites. The Orioles are the crippled defending champs. The Rays are young and talented, but what else is new?

29:46 – We finally reveal who our podcast is named after. Hint: his name sounds a bit like Pot Modledkick.

34:24 – Leadoff Hitters!: You may be surprised to realize that a lot of good leadoff hitters populate baseball today.  We’ll talk about the crème de la crème.

Featured Image: Via Los Angeles Times

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